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The tools you need to succeed

The tools you need to succeed. Students who meet the eligibility requirements will have the option to purchase and/or finance a laptop as part of their financial aid.

Here to support your success

Our student services include academic support, career services and technical support.

The “Success” Scholarship

Eligible graduating students may receive up to $3,000 in scholarship funds.

Our Career Services Department strives to help students and graduates take the next step toward a successful career. Our dedicated team is available to assist you with job searches, applications, interviews, and more. We will guide you to create a personalized job search strategy, helping you find the perfect position that suits your skills and education.

Our Student Services Team will guide you during your enrollment and help with navigating the world of online learning. They are here to help keep you focused on success all the way through to graduation.

The Learning Management System (LMS) Administrator can assist you with basic computer questions. The LMS Administrator provides Canvas navigation assistance and guides you through the use of online databases, as well as basic functions of Microsoft Word and Excel.

The Student Resource Center (SRC) supports the academic programs and college information literacy program with electronic learning resources and services. The SRC provides EBSCO library resources and student writing services. In addition, tutoring is available upon request.

Vista College offers a “Success” Scholarship to graduating students who directly enroll in a diploma or degree program, demonstrate a commitment to academic success by making continuous progress towards the completion of their program, and who meet the Eligibility Criteria both at the time the scholarship is awarded and at the time the scholarship is disbursed. This scholarship is available to new enrollments only.

To be eligible:

(a) The student must maintain continuous enrollment (no withdrawal, drop, or leave of absence*) and be on track to graduate based on the Registrar’s projected graduation date. The scholarship is not awarded until the student has completed and graduated.

(b) The student must commit to financial discipline by voluntarily limiting borrowing and returning any excess funds, as the result of the scholarship being posted to a student ledger, to the U.S. Department of Education to reduce total indebtedness. The student must have the appropriate excess funds authorization form on file with Vista College. In the event any excess funds resulting from the scholarship exceed the recipient’s total packaged Federal student loans and institutional debt for the recipient’s program enrollment, the recipient will be eligible to receive the excess funds as a stipend.

(c) The student must not be receiving any other form of institutional aid.

(d) The student remains current with their in-school payments throughout their program.

(e) For qualifying enrollments, the scholarship will not exceed the following:

  • $1,000 per student in a Diploma program
  • $2,000 per student in an Associate degree program
  • $3,000 per student in a Bachelor’s degree program

*exception for Active duty military students who are granted a Leave of Absence for service

The Academic Team utilizes a comprehensive process designed to help you make sound academic decisions. Academic advising is done primarily by Student Services, but also Program Directors, individual instructors, the Campus Director, or Academic Dean. By using a team approach, you receive expanded advising by experienced individuals across various discipline areas and are able to get specific degree-related advice from a knowledgeable professional in the field.

You will communicate with your Academic Team regularly during your program to ensure continued academic success. All students have access to free tutoring services provided by Program Directors or individual instructors with a strong background in the subject area in which they are tutoring. Your instructor is always the first person to turn to for further clarification or assistance.

The Academic Team utilizes tools such as Dropout Detective and Instructor Insight to monitor student and instructor activity, and ensure success in the classroom.

Students who meet the eligibility requirements will have the option to purchase and/or finance a laptop as part of their financial aid. For more information on this program, please speak with a member of our Financial Aid team.